Children's Services



PROVIDING DEVELOPMENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL COUNSELING FOR CHILDREN AND COACHING FOR THEIR PARENTS:     The developmental approach used by Dr. Collier is a nurturing and effective way to address challenges that children are experiencing. Behavioral strategies are incorporated too. Services include direct work with children, coaching parents and caregivers in ways to support their children, and parent support and education. 


ADDRESSING MANY PROBLEMS:     Dr. Collier works with children who have a wide variety of developmental and behavioral concerns. Some children have tantrums or meltdowns. They throw things, hit people, or collapse on the floor. Some children do not seem to listen and do not or cannot comply with even simple requests. Some children scream or growl, whether they have words or not. They may have other difficulties in communicating. Some children have trouble making and keeping friends. Some children even have trouble establishing warm relationships with their parents or other caregivers. Some children are over active or under active, anxious, or distracted. Sometimes adults feel that a child is 'just not there.' Parents may be worrying that their child is not behaving in ways expected for their age. Dr. Collier is committed to  helping children with these and other problems.


BUILDING ON STRENGTHS:     Every child has many strengths, regardless of their challenges. Dr. Collier collaborates with parents and caregivers to identify behavioral and developmental strengths and use them to help the child grow. This strengths based approach is further discussed in her own words on the Home page.


LEARNING IN REAL LIFE:     Children often learn best in real life situations. This is where new skills begin to make sense to the child. Dr. Collier's counseling approach is based in play and other real life situations. Social Groups for children and siblings are sometimes available, providing opportunities to practice new skills and develop new understandings. 


WHO CAN BENEFIT?     Perhaps your child already has a medical, mental health, or developmental diagnosis, such as autism, developmental delay, ADHD, or others. Perhaps you are not sure 'what is going on' with your child. Developmental and behavioral approaches are effective with a wide range of problems, whether or not a child has a specific diagnosis. These approaches can be used in collaboration with other interventions your child may already be receiving, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, or psychiatric medication.


HOURS:     Office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment. 

                    Home visits are available by special arrangement.


LOCATION:     Conveniently located in Souderton, PA, near the intersection of routes 309 and 113. Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Southern Lehigh, and Eastern Berks Counties, including Quakertown, Doylestown, Lansdale, and Allentown, and Perkasie, Sellersville, Telford, Souderton, Red Hill, Pennsburg, East Greenville, North Wales, Collegeville, and nearby communities.