ARE YOU EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR CHILD?     Does your child have tantrums, hit people, throw things, or not comply with simple requests? Does your child scream instead of using words, or have other difficulties communicating? Do you feel that your child has difficulty connecting with you or has trouble making or keeping friends? Does he or she seem over or under active, anxious, distracted, or 'not there?' Do you worry that your child is not behaving in ways expected for their age? 


IS IT SOMETIMES HARD TO SEE YOUR CHILD'S STRENGTHS?     Every child has many strengths, such as being affectionate, articulate, athletic, or creative. Perhaps it is sometimes difficult to appreciate your child's strengths because he or she doesn't listen to you, argues about everything, has meltdowns, or is just not doing what other children their age can do. There can be developmental, behavioral, or medical challenges. Dr. Collier provides counseling that focuses on strengths. This means the child feels successful and is therefore motivated to continue improving, and the adult feels good in their relationship with the child. 


IN MY OWN WORDS...     I am passionate about helping each child to be their very best. This means supporting the child's innate skills for self regulation, attention, and engagement, even when these appear compromised. I like to base the clinical work in play or other real world situations, so that the child can incorporate new skills more easily and also generalize to similar situations. The result is children who behave more appropriately and develop skills that are closer to age level expectations. I believe that parents or other adult caregivers are in the strongest position to influence the child. Therefore I am firmly committed to including these adults in treatment, so that progress can be supported outside of counseling sessions. This twofold approach will enhance your child's strengths, diminish problems, bring relief to all your family members, and free up time and energy for the joy that children can bring to a family.


YOU CAN LEARN MORE...     about Dr. Collier and the Services she offers on this website. The counseling approach she uses is described in more detail in the DIR® section. You can receive a free phone consultation by calling her at 215-208-4347.



Offering hope and help for children with
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